I'm graduated in painting from Brera Arts Academy of Milan. While at the Academy, i studied different kinds of dance until falling in love with contact improvisation and improvisation.
My curiosity and passion for dance and movement shifted my attention from the canvas to the body and its relation with the environment and people. The engine triggering the artistic action stays in the observation.
Imagination, causality, play and improvisation are the canals through which it expresses itself. My works tell about the desire to find our own physical space and our own interior time.
Trying many and different activities, the body claims its need to explore itself in order to explore, to have experience of itself in order to experience. The body claims its freedom to be an active subject, not a subjected object. 
I experimented several ways of expression and at the moment photography, automatic release, performance, videos and installations are my privileged means.
My research feeds on and originates from my everyday life: my jobs, my itineraries, meeting places, objects, persons. Potentially the creative engine can be in anything.
I am not interested in art as a self-referential circuit. I am interested in life and what I look for through my research is a quality of presence that allows me to fully live the present moment.

My presentation for the performance "You and Me" created by Tara Rynders

2006 Graduated at “Brera Art Accademy” Milano
2001 Artistic School “Preziosissimo Sangue” Monza

2015 Art guide for "Africa" at Mudec museum in Milano, art and movement workshops designes and teaches for Admaiora society
2014-2015 Art guide for Van Gogh and Marc Chagall exhibition at Palazzo Reale, Milan, for Admaiora society
2014-2015 Contact improvisation teacher in different environment in Milano area. Dance and Movement teacher for children between 3 and 6 years old in different environment in Milano area
2013 Coconduction of the Phisical Theatre course with Roberto Lun, created for the staff of the Hospital Fate Bene Fratelli, Milano
2013 In January and February work as volonteer at Earthdance (Massachusetts) www.earthdance.net, an artist-run workshop, residency, and retreat center.
2011-2013 Freelance Photographer (wedding, fashion, events). Collection A/I Stefierre Design 2012
2008-2012 Freelance Decorator 
2011-2012 Dancer for the tv program Lilit, Rai3, coreographer: Roberto Castello
2007-2012Private draw teacher for the admission exam at Artistic School “Preziosissimo Sangue”, Monza
2011 Dancer per the theatre show “La signora è fuori” , a project by Maria Pietroleonardo, director: Roberto Recchia, coreographer: Barbara Toma, Pim Spazio Scenico, Milano.
2007-2011Assistent in restauration laboratory of Valeria Colombo, specialized in painting, icons, gilding and polychrome sculpture, Monza. Assistent in conservations passages - cleaning, lining, consolidation. Specialized in aesthetic presentations – stucco work and painting camouflage retouching and differentiated.
2001-2011Illustrator “Rassegna dell’imballaggio” “Giardinaggio” magazine, Be-Ma, Milano
2012 Exhibition "Trace_Becoming Art 2012" curated by Silvia Alfei, Spazio Interni MangiolaLab, Milano. 
2012 Solo exhibition "Habeas Corpus", Circolo dell Arti, Mariano Comense
2011 Exhibition "Passaggi" curated by Paolo Bolpagni, Federica Boràgina, Mariacristina Maccarinelli, Kevin McManus Paolo Baraldi. Università Cattolica, Brescia.
2011 Solo exhibition “la centralità del corpo 1” curated by Elisabetta Longari, Tufano studio 25, Milano
2010 Selected at the contest “The Scientist” video-art international Festival, Ferrara.
2010 Solo exhibition “Abitare il confine”, Studio Apeiron, Macherio (MB)
2010 Selected for the exhibition of dancevideo “Soli in azione” organized by Perypezye Urbane, Studio 28, Milano
2009 Group exhibition, Studio Apeiron, Macherio (MB)
2009 “Lentissimamente fino allo zero”, curated by Anna Caterina Bellati, Mya Lurgo 
2007 National prize of Arts, Bologna
2006Take part in the paint contest created by Sur Canapè firm, critic prize, Fondazione Rossini, Briosco.
2004 Exhibition “Arte e Industria”, created by CEU-CENTRO ESPOSIZIONI UCIMU Spa, Triennale, Milano.
2003 Exhibition of “carved stone, art and crafts”, Castel San Nicolò, Arezzo
2013  Three weeks program with Nancy Stark Smith, Earthdance (Massachiussets)
2009-2012 Contact improvisation with Roberto Lun 
2011 Sensitive dance with Kea Stefania Tonetti
2005-2010 Contemporary dance, realease tecnic and improvisation with Cristina Bucci
2006-2008 Theatre-dance Atelier Opificio Trame, Sesto (Mi)
2002-2005 Modern jazz with Francesca Varagnolo
2013 E|MERGE Artist recidency, performer in YOU AND ME performance, created by Tara Rynders, Earthdance, Massachiussets
2012 Workshop of CI and improvisation with K.J.Holmes, (one week), “La luna nel pozzo”, Puglia, Italy
2012 Workshop of movement research and CI with Ivan Wolf, (3 days) , Parma, Italy
2011 Workshop of sensible dance with Kea Stefania Tonetti, (3 days) Italy
2011 Workshop of improvisation with Katie Duck and Vincent Catalano, (one week), Orgelpark, Amsterdam
2011 Masterclass of CI with Roberto Lun, (two weeks) ,Paolo Grassi dance school, Milan, Italy
2011 Workshop of CI with Martin Keog and Leilani Weiss (3 days), Cagliari, Italy
2010 Workshop of partnering and floor-work with German Jauregui (ex Ultima Vez) (two different workshop of 3 days for each) 
2010 Training Course “Urban Movement” with Paola Lattanzi, performance projects and improvisation in urban spaces, ( 10 days) Orvieto (Tr)
2010 Workshop of CI with Roberto Lun, of contemporary dance with Stefania Travellin,(one week) Milano
2009Training course of muscle massage with oil, Sanboji temple, (3 days)Berceto, Parma
2009 Workshop of Theatre Dance with Sylvia Vladimvsky (3 days)
2008 Workshop of Theatre Dance with Barbara Altissimo(3 days)
2008 Workshop of Theatre Dance with Sylvia Vladimvsky (3 days)
2013 Italy contact fest, Intensive with Ray Chung, Italy
2012 Ibiza contact festival, Intensive with (one week), Spain
2011 Jam of last of the year in Grenoble, France(3 days)
2013  “ YOU AND ME” created by Tara Rynders (www.tararynders.net), Earthdance, Massachiussets 
2012  Performer into the philosophic practice “Polifonia”, with Silvia Dell'Acqua philosopher, created by "Podisti da marte" directed by  Barbara Toma and Francesco Tomba
2011 "Seven pieces are not easy + 1 and a mixed salad", an art exhibition of Anna Rosa Faina Gavazzi. Mudima Art Museum, Milan.
2011 “Lady We We We You” (Last days when we were young),improvisation with 9 musicists. Directed by Ezio Novarini – writed by Nicola Arata, Pavia. 
2011  Multidisciplinary project of CI and live drawing by Italo Chiodi. Academy of Fine Arts of Brera, Milan.
2010  Performer in the artistic residence of Paola Anzichè, (two weeks). Improvisation and interaction with structures and objects created by the artist. PACT Zollverein, Essen, Germany.
2009 "Tapis-à-porter" by Paola Anzichè. Improvisation and interaction with carpets created by the artist, space Careof, Milan
2008  Selected in "Hunting the artist" competition of improvisation and contamination between languages, Takla Improvising Group, Milan
2008 "Youth Focus", installations and live performances with dancers, musicians, visual artists under 30 selected for the competition Hunting artist, Mudima Foundation, Milan.
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