I'm graduated in painting from Brera Arts Academy of Milan. While at the Academy, i studied different kinds of dance until falling in love with contact improvisation and improvisation.
My curiosity and passion for dance and movement shifted my attention from the canvas to the body and its relation with the environment and people. The engine triggering the artistic action stays in the observation.
Imagination, causality, play and improvisation are the canals through which it expresses itself. My works tell about the desire to find our own physical space and our own interior time.
Trying many and different activities, the body claims its need to explore itself in order to explore, to have experience of itself in order to experience. The body claims its freedom to be an active subject, not a subjected object. 
I experimented several ways of expression and at the moment photography, automatic release, performance, videos and installations are my privileged means.
My research feeds on and originates from my everyday life: my jobs, my itineraries, meeting places, objects, persons. Potentially the creative engine can be in anything.
I am not interested in art as a self-referential circuit. I am interested in life and what I look for through my research is a quality of presence that allows me to fully live the present moment.

My presentation for the performance "You and Me" created by Tara Rynders


- 2006 Master's Degree in painting: 110/110 cum laude rating
- 2005 Erasmus Programme (3 months)at the Academy of Fine Arts in Dresden, Germany
- 2011 Artistic high art school
Preziosissimo Sangue di Monza
After graduation, I continued working with the school as a tutor for teenagers
                   Dance training - Continuous training

                   Empyment history

- 2019/20 performer for the remake of Huddle and Censor performances created by Simon Forti, inside the exhibition "Simon Forti. Vicino al cuore/Close to the heart", Fondazione ICA,Milano
- 2018-19 Research work: "reading territories with art", in collaboration with Alberto Gianfreda, with a subsequent exhibition at Mo.Ve in Lissone (partner of MAC Lissone Contemporary Art Museum)
- 2016 performer in Jam Museum –“ Il corpo tra tensione e fluidità”- dance and visual art performance, organized by Simone Moretti e Francesca Parisi, inside the Summer Dance Festival of Bergamo
- 2014 alien in the musical video of the musician Michele Sarti (Nick Rivera) directed by Giorgia Soi
- 2014  performing in the "human landscapes" inside the performance "Free fall" by Sharon Fridman,  performing arts festival Oerol, Tershelling island, Holland
-  2014 First prize in the "city and body" photo competition organized by the Exister festival in Milan
-  2013 Performer in Tara Rynders’ YOU AND ME; performances in Massachusetts (USA), Germany,Austria
- 2011 Solo exhibition: "Centrality of thebody", curated by Elisabetta Longari,
Tufano studio 25, Milanù
- 2012 Performer into the philosophic practice “Polifonia”, with Silvia Dell'Acqua philosopher, created by "Podisti da marte" directed by Barbara Toma and Francesco Tomba
- 2011 "Seven pieces are not easy + 1 and a mixed salad", an art exhibition of Anna Rosa Faina Gavazzi. Mudima Art Museum, Milan.
- 2011 Multidisciplinary project of CI and live drawing by Italo Chiodi. Academy of Fine Arts of Brera, Milan.
- 2009–2010 Rehearsals and research with a visual artist Paola Anzichè, followed by performances in Milan and a 10-day residence at the PactZollverein in Essen (Germany)
- 2008 HUNTING ARTIST competition; performances at the Mudima Foundation in Milan
- 2006 Critics’ prize in a painting competition organized by Sur Canapé company, in partnership with the Fine Arts Academy of
Milan, Rossini Foundation, Briosco


Cooperative Eos, Lissone
Art guide and art workshop creator and teacher for children and adolescents (use of various techniques) at the Museum of
Contemporary Art in Lissone
Società Admaiora, Milan
-  Art guide in Palazzo Reale and Mudec; chosen exhibitions: Vincent Van Gogh, Chagall, Joan Mirò, Paul Gauguin, Giotto, Studio Azzurro for children, adults and the elderly
-  Preparing and teaching educational workshops for children and families during the Annie Liebovitz exhibition at Fabbrica Orobie in Milan and during the exhibition "Africa" at the Mudec

Apicultura Dell'Orto, Besana Brianza
Teaching workshops for children (aged 3-10) about bees and honey production

Dance and visual art classes for children and teenagers

Artichoke higher education contemporary dance, Milan
- Teaching contact improvisation to professional dancers
Liceo artistico Preziosissimo Sangue, Monza
2018 Preparing and teaching contact improvisation dance workshops and composition techniques related to visual
2007–2014 Teaching visual education, life drawing, model drawing, art history
Scuola Civica di Danza e Musica, Desio 2014-2018
-  Preparing and teaching dance classes for children from 3 to 5 y/o
Asili Bachelet e Cazzaniga in Monza 2016-2017
Preparing and teaching dance classes (inspired by various painters and sculptors) for children aged 3-5
Senior day care center, Lissone - Stefania Association, Lissone 2016-2018
Teaching dance, body awareness and contact improvisation
for the elderly and disabled
Djarama Association, January 2019, Senegal
- Dance and visual art classes for children and teenagers
We Care Psychiatry, Milan, 2014-2015
- Body awareness teacher, creative movement and contact improvisation teacher with the support of a psychiatrist
Fate Bene Fratelli hospital, Milan, 2013
Teaching contact improvisation and physical theater to
the hospital staff (with Roberto Lun)
Baita di Monza (gym), 2014-2018
- Preparing and teaching soft gym classes


-  Wedding services, 2010-2019
-  Dance festivals and workshops, 2014-2018 (including Ecite-Italy, CI Camp-Italy, Liquid Dance Festival-Ibiza)
-  Isico scientific conferences (Italian Institute of the Spine), 2016-2019
-  Fashion designer Stefierre Design 2012 collection
-  Full-time restorer at the Valeria Colombo 2007-2012 in Monza
-  Specialized in aesthetic presentations – stucco work and painting camouflage retouching and differentiated 
Decoration and illustration
- 2018–2019 Designing and executing interior decorations; technique: acrylic paint
2007-2011 Watercolor illustration for the monthly magazine "Rassegna dell'imballaggio"
2006–2007 Watercolor floral illustrations for a monthly gardening magazine ‘Giardinaggio’

Listening: B2
Reading: B1
Speaking: B2
Writing: B1

Good use of Word, Power Point, Adobe Lightroom