Slowly (02), 2007
07' 23”
Cristina Crippa e Cecilia Viganò
Milano,Vittorio Emanuele Gallery
June 21th, 2007
Our aim is to create actions in the city we live often opposite to those the city itself witnesses: “experiments” that enable us to observe internal and external reactions we and the other persons around feel.
We choose Milan Vittorio Emanuele Gallery because of the quality of the space, closed but open at the same time, which canalizes various human typologies’ paths.
People reactions and the verbal exchanges we had with passers-by have been recorded by hidden cameras and microphones.
We don’t use any disguise for these artistic actions. We show ourselves in our ordinary way of being so that just the particular aspect of reality we are interested in stands out.
In the first version, “Slowly [01], after considering Milan speed we decided to “answer” to it walking slowly.
In “Slowly [02]” after realizing the difficulty to create any kind of contact with the people in the street and the diffidence resulting from this, we brought our need of contact to the utmost degree, communicating it through a prolonged stare between two persons culminating with a hug.
It's a present, 2007
Cristina Crippa e Cecilia Viganò
any video document
May 8th 2007 
Giving a present, a little object, just for the pleasure of giving.
Milan underground the place chosen, where passengers become an audience, as if they were sitting in a theatre. 
Confronting people’s alarm, the habit to feel always compelled to give something in exchange.